Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Daily Special on KSCA 101.9

Well..it has been a while since I've posted, "life" has been happening. I have been wanting to put this up for a while and thanks to fellow old Yellow Room denizen RTE(click the link for a picture), I am able to post this. This is the very last, emotion filled Daily Special from Nicole Sandler(click to go to Nicole's new online station, if you've been looking for her).

NEVER BEFORE available anywhere, consider yourself blessed to be able to hear this!


We Belong - Lowen & Navarro

Weather with You - Finn Brothers

Baby, Now That I've Found You - Alison Krauss

Back Announce 1

Just Like This Train - Joni Mitchell

If I Had a Boat - John Hiatt

Angel Eyes - Jeff Healy

Back Announce 2

Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies

Romeo's Tune - Steve Forbett

In The Shape Of A Heart - Jackson Browne

Back Announce 3

Polaroids - Shaun Colvin

Back Announce 4

Back Announce 5

What Would You Say? - Dave Matthews

So Much Mine - Johnatha Brooke

Rag Mama Rag - The Band

Back Announce 6

Alex Childress - Ben Folds Five

Because The Night - Patti Smith

More Than I Could Do - Steve Earle

Back Announce 7

Wall Of Death - Richard Thompson

Foolish Games - Chris Isaak

Every Little Bit - Patti Griffin

Back Announce 8

You Still Touch Me - Sting

Sweet Jane - Lou Reed

Too Much Saturn - Francis Dunnery

Superstar - Eels

Amazing Grace - Joan Baez & Dar Williams

Final Back Announce