Sunday, June 27, 2010

KUCI radio show featuring Jane's Addiction's Nothing's Shocking

This was quite a cool show I did. August 29, 1988, I was doing the radio show solo, as my partner, Marian, couldn't make it. She was the Hessian and I was Mooshi Oofnick, my bastardization of the pronouncing of Oscar The Grouch's name in Hebrew, which I had read in one of the trade publications advertising a "Sesame Street In Israel" syndicated radio show. It was summertime and people at the radio station were scarce. I didn't mind doing the show alone because I had plans. Just the previous week at Jane's Addiction has released their major-label debut Nothing's Shocking. I had wanted to make a cassette copy of the album for my car, so what better idea than to play the whole album on my show while recording it. I had grown up on Uncle Joe Benson's Seventh Day, a show where he played seven complete albums on Sunday nights. I figured this was an important enough album to play the entire thing. My views on this album were quite prophetic, as in less than two years Lollapalooza became all the rage with its accompanying “alternative nation” (to use a hackneyed corporate expression in lieu of a better one). Yes, “alternative” music existed before this, but I feel this was the straw that broke the camel's back or the shot heard around the world as far as modernizing music.

So now, for your listening pleasure, here is the Chant Show of the Ever Circling Vinyl edition of Jane's Addiction's “Nothing's Shocking”. This was done on one 90 minute tape, so it's probably just a portion of the show, but I have left everything in... warts and all.

Twilight Zone moment: two days later I would be in the automobile accident that changed my life forever and this album was playing… the song that was on at the time was “Standing In the Shower… Thinking”. I talk about both the Meat Puppets show I was at and the Swamp Zombies interview I was to do on Sept. 1.

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