Saturday, June 28, 2008

RUHtf Gem: Ween - Where'd The Cheese Go?

I reviewed the show below, but just so you don't feel cheated from not getting some rare stuff from me today, here's a classic track(s) from Ween. Legend has it (not sure if it's "Urban" or not) that Ween were commissioned to write a jingle for Pizza Hut's new Insider pizza (crust on the outside...cheese on the inside (aka "Calzone")). Who knows why. Probably the powers that be never heard Ween's other songs (Push th' li'l daisies anyone?) Or mabye since Ween's last album was "Chocolate & Cheese", The Hut figured Ween were experts on all things cheese.

Anyhow...they came up with this song:

But it was rejected.

Based on that, they probably weren't going to present this version for consideration:

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