Sunday, June 1, 2008

RUHtf: Javatones (aka Zoey's Trip)

There was first The New Yardbirds...Then Led Zeppelin.

First they were The Silver Beetles...the world now Loves them as The Beatles.

Who cared about the High Numbers? Well...they became...The Who.

Well, add to that list the relatively unknown Javatones. Who are they?? now know them as Zoey's Trip This is a tape that Deblyn (lead vox) gave me a while back, and I held on to it to "do something with". Well, seeing how this is the RUHtf blog, this is Rare, this is Unreleased, and...gosh durn's Hard To Find. It's perfect timing to dig this up, as the girls just returned to the stage (captured by yours truly).

Why "The Javatones"?? Well, according to the band, the name got them booked in to EVERY coffee house from here to New York.

Thank goodness they changed the name, cause Deblyn & Connie's voices need a bigger venue.

Hear my interviews with Zoey's Trip here

And now, I present....The Javatones first demo tape:

Lucky Liz:


I Don't Like It Here Anymore:

And as a special "Bonus Track", Zoey's Trip making their KSCA 103.1 premiere!

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