Monday, June 9, 2008

RUHtf Gem of the week: Sun City - Artists United Against Apartheid

File this one under "I put this up because I can". No...there's no anniversary or a new benefit single or Apartheid in the news right now. I just put this up because it's very rare, especially digitally. Well, you can hear the snaps and pops on my vinyl.

THIS shows how benefit singles should be done. It raised a lot of awareness, and brought a lot of great artists together. And now you can hear it here. It was kind of forgotten in all the attention going to Band Aid, We Are The World, and Live Aid. Radio stations didn't play it much cause a) the criticism of Ronald Reagan (of course, that was Joey Ramone singing it, not republican bandmate Johnny) and b) cause radio was still fairly segregated and this had rap.

It was ahead of its time bringing together rap and rock. You can play "name the voices", or cheat and read more about it here.


Sun City

No More Apartheid

Revolutionary Situation

Sun City (Version II)

Let Me See Your I.D.

The Struggle Continues

Silver & Gold

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