Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now Playing - Decline Of The Western Civilization

Long out of print, not available on DVD, hard to find on video (unless it's a bootleg), legendary, educational, and all-around one of the greatest documentaries of all time documenting the birth of a movement, I now present for you The Decline Of the Western Civilization.

This is extremely rare and I haven't been able to find it in full on the web. It is in bits and pieces on YouTube but for now the only place you'll see it is here.

Click here to view in a new window: Decline Of The Western Civilization

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Henry Rollins & Tom Troccoli: 2 more from the archives

I've been kind of lax in getting stuff up here, so for the sake of expediency I'll just put up two more rare tracks from Tom Troccoli and Henry Rollins. I looked at my visiting statistics and the last track I put up was very popular.

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