Monday, June 30, 2008

Greatest anti-video videos

Well..I was catching up on my "120 Minutes" viewing (which is backed up weeks deep on my DVR) and a video came on that got me to thinking of an RUHtf subject (taking cue from "High Fidelity"): Greatest anti-video videos (heretofore referred to as "AVV"). Videos that were made just to fulfill an artist's contract with the record company to make promo videos.

#1 greatest AVV of all time...The Replacement's "Bastards of Young". On their first major label album, "Tim" they were probably forced into making a video for MTV. Mind you, this is a band who previously had a song "Seen Your Video" with the lyrics:

All day, all night, all music video
Seen your video, the phony rock 'n' roll
We don't want to know, seen your video
Your phony rock 'n' roll
We don't want to know
We don't want to know
We don't want to know
We don't want to know

To comply with their record company, and keep their integrity intact, what do they do? Film a speaker cone for the duration of the song. Sure...they learned to play the major game with their "by the book" videos for "Achin' To Be" and "I'll Be You"...but for awhile they were one of the few bands with balls enough to raise their middle finger at MTV:

Bastards Of Young:

Then there's the Pixies...the new darlings and torch bearers of the modern rock movement. I'm sure they were also conned in to doing videos, so they really screwed with the medium. This is classic..all song, no action:

Someone on You Tube took it one step further to find out how long it really took them to film the video...23 seconds:

Talk about taking the promo money and running with it. They probably didn't even have a was probably a camera they set up and hit "record".

The Pixies had already, a couple years earlier, perfected the AVV with "Here Comes Your Man". "We're not gonna lip sync" they said:

They took the "lip sync ban" a step further and blew lots of air on themselves for "Alec Eiffel":

That's more of a "traditional" video though.

Mabye they got the inspiration for that video from David Lovering's side gig as a magician:

Well that's it for now...if you have any comments or suggestions, post or e-mail.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

RUHtf Gem: Oingo Boingo original EP

Largely just a Southern California phenomenon, this is the EP that all the high school and junior high school kids had. This EP brought Oingo Boingo to the public's consciousnes.

Here, for your enjoyment (and memory) is the EP ripped from vinyl, thanks to my friend Daniel.

Only A Lad

Violent Love

Ain't This The Life

I'm So Bad

Saturday, June 28, 2008

RUHtf Gem: Ween - Where'd The Cheese Go?

I reviewed the show below, but just so you don't feel cheated from not getting some rare stuff from me today, here's a classic track(s) from Ween. Legend has it (not sure if it's "Urban" or not) that Ween were commissioned to write a jingle for Pizza Hut's new Insider pizza (crust on the outside...cheese on the inside (aka "Calzone")). Who knows why. Probably the powers that be never heard Ween's other songs (Push th' li'l daisies anyone?) Or mabye since Ween's last album was "Chocolate & Cheese", The Hut figured Ween were experts on all things cheese.

Anyhow...they came up with this song:

But it was rejected.

Based on that, they probably weren't going to present this version for consideration:

Show Review - OCPAC: Yacht/Mika Miko

Thank God for Ashley Ackenweiler.

She is singlehandedly saving the alternative music scene in Orange County. Granted, there are venues to see alternative music in the county, but there aren’t that many all ages venues showing good music that starts and ends at a reasonable time, and that you can get up close and personal with big (or at least 900,000 Myspace friends “big”) name talent. Her previous tenure at OCMA and now her current run at OCPA yielded some great shows with bands you’d expect to see at venues with seats in the thousands (Sonic Youth, Money Mark, Cold War Kids, Rocco DeLucca). Having such great shows to see is a blessing, at such a close drive (where you’re not paying $50 in gas to get there and back) with shows ending at a reasonable enough time so you can get home and get a decent rest for work the next day.

Thursday night’s show continued in the tradition of the great bookings at OCPA’s “Third Thursday night” series (shows take place on the third Thursday). I had never heard of either band, Yacht and Mika Miko. A google search revealed some info on Yacht, who seemed to be an electronic group with Power Point presentations and they did a mash up Nirvana samples. Sounds cool. Mika Miko searching showed that they’re a noise/punk band and had an album on Kill Rock Stars. Cool enough.

Opening band Mika Miko was enjoyable enough. Their sound is what would be the result of kids listening to their grandparent’s classic punk rock albums. Yeah…we’re getting old. These kids could play, but it was more like there were making it up as going along..doing what sounded good. The two female singers were just screaming in to the microphones (one had a telephone/microphone). Their between song banter was kind of annoying. The mosh pit was comprised of the kids who go to a “real” punk rock show and see the real punks moshing, and want to try and mimic what they have seen. Word around was that this was the first OCPA pit. Let’s hope it’s the last. I would say the band’s sound was like Red Cross…not the glam, older, more technically skilled Redd Kross , but the snot nosed bratty “Annette’s Got The Hits/I Hate My School” pre-cease and desist Red Cross.

Which brings us to Yacht. They had minimal stage set-up, which involved setting up a laptop computer (which turned out to be a Mac). There are two Yacht members, one from each sex. When the music started, they started dancing around and singing in to their mics. It was almost like a brother and sister home alone singing and dancing along to MTV (when they played music). Meanwhile, on the screen there were accompanying Power Point presentations for each song. There were occasional errors, which may or may not have been staged. A mosh pit started, but it seemed out of place to music that was a cou8ple branches away from Men Without Hats, on the Rock family tree. Vocals were kind of muddy, so if they were saying something they wanted us to understand, it was lost.

As I said, it was a Mac, but they were running Windows in Parallels at first. It seems they are Mac geeks. They had a problem with the windows side so switched to Mac. They had ichat going and did a teleperformance with a friend. They also showed a video for a DFA song of theirs. Their whole gig reminds me of Har Mar Superstar’s shtick.
In case you haven’t seen him, he brings out a cassette boombox that plays soul instrumentals while he prances about on stage and sings along with it, proclaiming he’s a sex god.
They had a Q & A afterwards, but that’s always a bad move, because people in crowds think they’re funny and ask the most inane things. The group wasn’t the most polished, but that wasn’t their point. They were doing what they wanted, and thriving on the attention for their antics. It was technology karaoke. Anybody can be a star if they have the technology to help them. I’ve even written “songs” in Garageband.
It ended with everyone on stage dancing around with the band. Sadly, some moron got a hold of the mic and had to yell “ faggot!” Give people an inch…
All in all, it was yet again another enjoyable evening in OC.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jonesys iPod: Roseanne Arquette and Dhani Harrison (w/Tunde Adebimpe)

Last week, Roseanne Arquette filled in for Jonesy and had as a special guest Dhani Harrison, talking about his new band thenewno2,who have been credited for artwork on some George Harrison albums. Tunde Adebimpe from TV On The Radio called to in in. They played some newno2 songs..very impressive. Wow...we've got Sean putting out an impressive album, Zac Starkey pounding the skins for The Who, Stella McCartney designing fashion..and think what you want, Julian had some really cool stuff. His last "indie" album was his best. It's in the jeans. Wonder if there's any Best offspring??

By the way....if you have not seen Roseanne Arquette's film "All We Are Saying", drop everything you are doing and click here and get the movie.

Enjoy this:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Forget Sony & Philips...who really invented the CD??

This guy got kinda screwed. And this story may be incorrect. I read it was actually Battelle that filed the patents, and since Russell was an employee, he saw not one red cent. He at least got none of the glory, as in Philips ads they state they're "Inventor of the compact disk".

This is from Inventor Of The Week:

The digital compact disc, now commonplace in stereos and computers, was invented in the late 1960s by James T. Russell.
Russell was born in Bremerton, Washington in 1931. At age six, he invented a remote-control battleship, with a storage chamber for his lunch. Russell went on to earn a BA in Physics from Reed College in Portland in 1953. Afterward, he went to work as a Physicist in General Electric's nearby labs in Richland, Washington.

At GE, Russell initiated many experimental instrumentation projects. He was among the first to use a color TV screen and keyboard as the sole interface between computer and operator; and he designed and built the first electron beam welder. In 1965, when Columbus, Ohio - based Battelle Memorial Institute opened its Pacific Northwest Laboratory in Richland, Washington, Russell joined the effort as Senior Scientist. He already knew what avenue of research he wanted to pursue.

Russell was an avid music listener. Like many audiophiles of the time, he was continually frustrated by the wear and tear suffered by his vinyl phonograph records. He was also unsatisfied with their sound quality: his experimental improvements included using a cactus needle as a stylus. Alone at home on a Saturday afternoon, Russell began to sketch out a better music recording system --- and was inspired with a truly revolutionary idea.

Russell envisioned a system that would record and replay sounds without physical contact between its parts; and he saw that the best way to achieve such a system was to use light. Russell was familiar with digital data recording, in punch card or magnetic tape form. He saw that if he could represent the the binary 0 and 1 with dark and light, a device could read sounds or indeed any information at all without ever wearing out. If he could make the binary code compact enough, Russell saw that he could store not only symphonies, but entire encyclopedias on a small piece of film.

Battelle let Russell pursue the project, and after years of work, Russell succeeded in inventing the first digital-to-optical recording and playback system (patented in 1970). He had found a way to record onto a photosensitive platter in tiny "bits" of light and dark, each one micron in diameter; a laser read the binary patterns, and a computer converted the data into an electronic signal --- which it was then comparatively simple to convert into an audible or visible transmission.

This was the first compact disc. Although Russell had once envisioned 3x5-inch stereo records that would fit in a shirt pocket and a video record that would be about the size of a punch card, the final product imitated the phonographic disc which had been its inspiration. Through the 1970s, Russell continued to refine the CD-ROM, adapting it to any form of data. Like many ideas far ahead of their time, the CD-ROM found few interested investors at first; but eventually, Sony and other audio companies realized the implications and purchased licenses.

By 1985, Russell had earned 26 patents for CD-ROM technology. He then founded his own consulting firm, where he has continued to create and patent improvements in optical storage systems, along with bar code scanners, liquid crystal shutters, and other industrial optical instruments. His most revolutionary recent invention is a high-speed optical data recorder / player that has no moving parts. Russell earned another 11 patents for this "Optical Random Access Memory" device, which is currently being refined for the market.

James T. Russell has many interests beyond optical data devices. In fact, he has claimed, "I've got hundreds of ideas stacked up --- many of them worth more than the compact disc. But I haven't been able to work on them." Digital engineers and consumers alike will be lucky if he does find the time.

RUHtf Gem, pt. 2: Jimi Hendrix - Doriella Du Fontaine instrumental

Due to popular demand, here's the instrumental version of the previously posted Doriella Du Fontaine. due to complaints about not enough Hendrix soloing.


Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin R.I.P.

(Note: if you're visiting the main RUHtf page, be aware that Sunday the 22nd starts automatically and is very loud. Scroll down and press stop or it will blast your speakers. If all you see is this George Carlin post, you're cool. Don't say I didn't warn you).

We lost a great one yesterday. A real crusader for free speech and revealing the inanities of society.

We saw him a year and a half ago, and he said that he made it to his favorite age: 69.

I also met him a few years before that (thus the above picture). Though he was "On" when on stage, in person he seemed frail...very fragile and vulnerable. We had a great conversation and he seemed really impressed with me and all I could do.

The next week, he checked in to rehab.'s a couple classic routines:

Carlin on the Ten Commandments

Carlin on Language

The classic - 7 Dirty Words

In my opinion, one of Carlin's greatest routines: Modern Man

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unreleased (Until July 8) featuring REM/Steve Wynn, etc.

Here's a really cool RUHtf exclusive. Friday night i'm watching Letterman, as is my nightly bedtime ritual. Letterman announces "The Baseball Project" as the musical guests. Now, I know a lot about music, but I had never heard this Baseball Project. Luckily, rather than falling asleep, which I usually do before the musical guest is on, I was awake to hear him announce "The Baseball Project".  When the music started, I IMMEDIATELY dug it..and propped my eyelids open. It had a real jangly Byrdsesque/Pettyish/Beatlesesque/REMesque (which I guess, in a sense, is itself Byrdesque/Beatlesesque)/Rickenbackerish feeling. Then I noticed (and it all made sense), it was Scott McCaughey (auxillary REM member/Minus 5/Young Fresh Fellows...and I had met him at the Coach House)...then Peter Buck (whom I had seen paying the Coach House and then met at the Rickenbacker festival...then I noticed there was a female drummer, whom I recognize as Linda Pitmon from Marty Willson Pipers' Mood Maidens whom I had a great conversation with and introduced me to her boyfriend (and final Baseball Project member) Steve Wynn). So basically, I knew every single person the the Letteman band stage. I said, I really enjoyed the sound. I found the following album stream for you to enjoy. When you're done, order it 

Alright, i've figured this out. Click here to hear The Baseball Project. Close the window when you're done.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

RUHtf Gem of the week: Jimi Hendrix - Doriella Du Fontaine

Think you know Hendrix? Can groove along to "Foxey Lady" a la Garth?? Got all the releases and box sets and reissues?? You don't know nothing about Hendrix til you say you have heard "Doriella Du Fontaine". This is definitely a bona-fide rare gem. It's a 1969 jam with Jimi Hendrix (of the Jimi Hendrix Experience), Buddy Miles (of Band Of Gypsys) and Lightning Rod (of The Last Poets). This is rap before rap was ever rap. This is extremely hard to find, but for you, the RUHtf reader, I present one of the fonkiest grooves ever committed to vinyl:

Doriella Du Fontaine

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RUHtf: Concert review: Calling Tustin...This is Supernova

No…Dave Navarro wasn’t present as master of ceremonies. There were no TV cameras, the only cameras being used were either ones run by family members or soldiers in the Supernova Army. And no…neither Jason Newsted nor Tommy Lee were scheduled to play along tonight.

That is because gracing the District stage Saturday night was not the corporate “Rock Star: Supernova”, but was a local Orange County punk band who have been together since around 1989 and have recorded four albums. This is the “little band that could”…which is go up against the corporate greed mongers and win out. Even though they “only” had four albums and were on hiatus from touring and performing..they still had established themselves in the public’s collective consciousness as the entity known as “Supernova”. It would be as if Mark Burnett, in his idea for the next chapter in his “Rock Star:” behemoth got together, say, Howard Jones, Vince Clarke, and M, to put together a supergroup looking for a lead singer and called it “Rock Star: A-ha”. The Norweigians would be in an uproar. (side note: that’s probably not the best example, as a simple wikipedia search shows the band is one of the greatest selling bands of all time…with over 80 million copies sold. Who’da thunk? But you get the idea).

Well, Saturday night was the latest in entrepreneur Tazy Phillipz series of concerts under the stars and in the mall. What this means is you have a great concert with people walking by with their Borders, Johnny Rockets, and DSW bags, holding their hands to their ears as they pass.

The band promised a “family friendly show”, and family friendly they did deliver. The District, of course, requires a clean show...but the band was also keeping it clean because, well…their families were there including their young kids. It was telling when, in the middle of their set, I overheard the conversation of the young girl behind me talking to her friend on her cell phone saying “I’m at my dad’s concert.” Absent from this show, thankfully, was any signs of a mosh pit that often accompanies this type of music at shows like House Of Blues and the Galaxy (RIP). In its place were admiring parents, happy wives, friendly neighbors..and dancing kids. I especially got a kick out of watching one kid do that dance…you know what I’m talking about. The one where they lose all control of their body and let the beats of the music guide them…throwing out any semblence of embarrassment and hopping around like the cement is hot.

The band was tight and had some great, hooky songs. They could have easily fit in to that hole that was in the music scene that is now occupied by that “other” Orange County punk trio. Hopefully the band will continue playing and recording some new music. This music is timeless and sounds as good now as it did then. And maybe they could catch on well enough to be known as more than “The band that brought Mark Burnett down”.

These District Legacy concerts are great, on Friday and Saturday nights. The sound is stellar. The video screen above the stage is kind of annoying. Although at one point there was an anonymous boy band dancing on the screen, and it was almost in sync with the band. At a time when gas prices are through the roof, this is a way to get some good quality entertainment close to home (if you live in Tustin or Irvine, that is).

What follows are some songs culled from the Bro Show interview of Supernova (which can be heard in its entirety here):


Backyard Boat

Calling Hong Kong


Cool Job

Electric Man

Choke The Fuzz

Medly of I'm The Man (Joe Jackson) and Supernova's What We Do

Unknown song 1

Unknown song 2

Supernova Radio ID

Thursday, June 12, 2008

RUHtf: Cover Me - Swamp Zombies feature on RUHtf...i'm going to start putting up some of the abundance of covers I have. Yeah, I know...I already did the Swans and Taxman..but it did not have a name til now. Most people shun covers...Henry Rollins says why cover something when the original was already perfect...yet even he does a covers show on his program. Covers can show you a whole other side to the song you've known and loved. Some covers even eclipse the original so that the cover is seen as the original (Hound Dog, Respect, All Along the get the idea.)

Well, who better to feature on RUHtf than OC faves, The Swamp Zombies. The Swamp Zombies were a mostly acoustic (though they added occasional electric in later incarnations) quartet that were a large draw at local clubs. Guitarist/singer, Josh Agle went on to fame and fortune as Shag. Bassist Steeve plays on and off with The Tiki Tones. Travis had moved on to family life. Who knows what happened to Smiling Dave. He signed my guestbook one time, but I lost contact.

The Swamp Zombies take on familiar classics was always a highlight of any show. And the medlys were a particular treat.

Here's a couple so I can get this out and i'll add more later, so stay tuned:

Sex Pistols: Anarchy In the U.K.

Bauhaus: All We Ever Wanted Is Everything

Green Acres Theme Song

Rawhide Theme Song

The Ramones: Rockaway Beach

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

World Party @ Tower Sunset August 15, 2006

This isn't really "rare", as it has been available on You Tube for quite some time. However, I felt I should put it up on my blog since, well, it IS mine and is really cool. as a matter of fact, Mr. Wallinger himself has a copy of the DVD and thinks it pretty keen, and it has notoriety in the WP trading community as being one of the best videos of the in-store tour (if you'd like one, just ask).


In no particular order:

Ship Of Fools

Is It Too Late?

Is It Like Today?

Put The Message In The Box

Love Street

What Does It Mean Now?

Ever notice how Karl Wallinger is the inquisitive philosopher - so many of his songs end in question marks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

RUHtf Gem of the week: Sun City - Artists United Against Apartheid

File this one under "I put this up because I can". No...there's no anniversary or a new benefit single or Apartheid in the news right now. I just put this up because it's very rare, especially digitally. Well, you can hear the snaps and pops on my vinyl.

THIS shows how benefit singles should be done. It raised a lot of awareness, and brought a lot of great artists together. And now you can hear it here. It was kind of forgotten in all the attention going to Band Aid, We Are The World, and Live Aid. Radio stations didn't play it much cause a) the criticism of Ronald Reagan (of course, that was Joey Ramone singing it, not republican bandmate Johnny) and b) cause radio was still fairly segregated and this had rap.

It was ahead of its time bringing together rap and rock. You can play "name the voices", or cheat and read more about it here.


Sun City

No More Apartheid

Revolutionary Situation

Sun City (Version II)

Let Me See Your I.D.

The Struggle Continues

Silver & Gold

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Camp Freddy, Jonesy, & Rollins comments about Prince

This is kind of obsessive. It's a Prince freak's purpose in life, to show their favorite artist is well liked and admired by a broad spectrum of artists. This entry is pretty broad considering it's Dave Navarro, Jonesy, and CC DeVille. Here's some cool collected comments about Prince from the incredible station, Indie 103.1.

First Dave Navarro talking about the 21 Nights book release party:

Jonesy & CC DeVille talk Prince:

Jonesy & Henry Rollins discuss him:

RUHtf: Taxman by Junior Parker

I got my "Economic Stimulus Check" today. What a joke. $300 will do NOTHING to stimulate the economy. It's almost a bribe to get people to appreciate Bushie and his cronies who are off spending their 300 BILLION dollar War stimulus check in a foreign country.'s a cool little rare ditty...Junior Parker doing "Taxman" by the Beatles.

Oh..the Aimee Mann show last night was awesome. From start to finish great sons. Tremendous sound. You heard her sing every word. And the audience was a Largo crowd...there was complete silence during each song. She told a great story about how she got approached for a soundtrack..She thought "Oh..they're coming for me cause i'm the Magnolia girl"...but it was for Shrek 3.

Friday, June 6, 2008

RUHtf: Concert preview - Aimee Mann at House Of Blues

This is gonna be a cool show..Aimee Mann at House of Blues. She has a stellar new album that's packed with great songs. Here's a couple tracks to get you psyched:

Aimee doing That's Just what You Are:

Aimee with Annie DiFranco (I can't tell U the name of the song without running the risk of getting shut down):

Aimee doing Wise Up (the early version):

That's Just What You Are (with Glenn Tillbrook)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

RUHtf HTF gem: Beatles fan club album - Nothing is Real

This was a cool find I got from Beatlefest one year. It's a vinyl album of different takes and demos that went in to the making of Strawberry Fields Forever. Before there were multitrack digital studios and ProTools, there was John Lennon and George Martin sitting there with an analog reel-to-reel and a razor blade, speeding up and slowing down and reversing the tape. Side 2 was b-sides and others. For some reason, i'm missing "Christmas Time Is Here Again", the last song on side 2. This stuff is revelatory.


George Martin talks about the recording process:

Unreleased Version #2

Backing Tracks

Unreleased Version #3

Unreleased Version #4

Completed master - Alternate stereo mix

Not Guilty

I'm Only Sleeping

Hey Jude


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RUHtf: Concert preview/review Peter Murphy

Sorry, I missed yesterday. I was going to see Peter Murphy and had planned on posting this, an old Jonesy's Jukebox with Peter Murphy. Peter Murphy was supposed to be on JJ yesterday. Murphy was sick, so no new interview, so you'll just have to settle for this old one. I kindly went in and edited the commercials (they must have done them all at once during this show, because there was a 15 minute block of commercials. I also isolated 2 of the songs they played live.


This is a new RUHtf feature i'm calling Jonesy's iPod. Its been gestating for a while. I have all these cool Jonesy recordings, so i'm going to chop them up and isolate songs, whistles, various meanderings, etc.

Peter Murphy on Jonesy's Jukebox May 7, 2005

Murphy doing Space Oddity

Murphy and Jonesy doing Roxy Music's "Beauty Queen"

Monday, June 2, 2008

RUHtf: Concert preview - English Beat

(Dave Wakeling, me, and my friend Kevin)

The English are coming! The English are coming! The English Beat, that is. They're playing locally at The Coach House June 13 and House of Blues July 27.

To prepare you, here is a review I wrote of their recent performance at The Grove:

(Yes....this is my pass....though we weren't in the Alcoholics Anonymous section)

Having only three studio albums to their name, the English Beat (known as The Beat or The Beat UK overseas) did not leave much of a musical footprint in the record bins. However, their brand of Two-tone/Ska/English Reggae left a huge mark on 80’s radio and the legions of “Second wave” Ska bands that have been popping up since the early 90’s. Few have come close (see early No Doubt), but none have matched The English Beat’s brilliance due to excellent songcraft and pop sensibility, mixed in with pure Two-Tone/Ska sound. Each of their three albums could have been released as any other bands “Greatest Hits” collections.
Their last album as The English Beat was released 26 years ago. The front Beat members, Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger, found success as General Public, while the rest backed new soul crooner Roland Gift in the more popular yet shorter lived Fine Young Cannibals. These days, there are a couple “Beat”s on the touring circuit, though the US version could be considered the more authentic, as it has the lead vocalist, Dave Wakeling. The Ranking Roger toasting spot is filled in by a very capable Antonee First Class. The UK version has Ranking Roger with his son, Ranking Junior, and is rumored to be working on new material. If you go looking for “The English Beat” on the web, you’ll find a few different websites claiming to be the “official” and original Beat.
While there isn’t a large catalog to choose from, any setlist the Beat chooses from their three albums would make up a “Greatest Hits” show, since each album was deep with great songs. Unfortunately, this Beat doesn’t seem to be working any new material, as nothing new was introduced. At The Grove on Thursday, they played all the hits one would expect, including a couple General Public songs, and a few crowd/fan favorites. The band is very adept at recreating the sound and energy of the original songs. New guitarist Mike Randle (from Baby Lemonade/Love) was an excellent addition to the band’s sound, having Wakeling comment he was doing a great job his first night.
People are generally apprehensive about bands touring with no new material to support. The Beat, however, never really got their due the first time around. There’s nothing wrong with cashing in on notoriety, and the Beat were always known for their dance-happy songs. The audience was filled with people of all ages. One parent was seen lugging his two four year olds. On the way up to the venue, a 20 year old waitress, when told who I was going to see, said “Oh, my grandma likes them!” The Beat have always gotten by on their great songs. There were no movies named after a song of theirs, no iPod commercial (“Hands Off She’s Mine” maybe?), or other commercial product endorsements (why Now & Later never used “Save It For Later” we’ll never know…well, except for the rumored lurid subject matter). THE Beat was far from a one hit wonder…more like a three album wonder, and playing shows like this, they shall inspire and excite generations of music fans to come.

I've got a photo gallery of the show up here.

And this should bring you back to the day when MTV played videos:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

RUHtf: Javatones (aka Zoey's Trip)

There was first The New Yardbirds...Then Led Zeppelin.

First they were The Silver Beetles...the world now Loves them as The Beatles.

Who cared about the High Numbers? Well...they became...The Who.

Well, add to that list the relatively unknown Javatones. Who are they?? now know them as Zoey's Trip This is a tape that Deblyn (lead vox) gave me a while back, and I held on to it to "do something with". Well, seeing how this is the RUHtf blog, this is Rare, this is Unreleased, and...gosh durn's Hard To Find. It's perfect timing to dig this up, as the girls just returned to the stage (captured by yours truly).

Why "The Javatones"?? Well, according to the band, the name got them booked in to EVERY coffee house from here to New York.

Thank goodness they changed the name, cause Deblyn & Connie's voices need a bigger venue.

Hear my interviews with Zoey's Trip here

And now, I present....The Javatones first demo tape:

Lucky Liz:


I Don't Like It Here Anymore:

And as a special "Bonus Track", Zoey's Trip making their KSCA 103.1 premiere!