Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In case you couldn't be there: Daniel Lanois @ Fingerprints 12-7-14

Daniel Lanois played Fingerprints in Long Beach and ruhtf was there to capture it. There were a few technical glitches with camera stops, but I got most of it.

From Fingerprints' website:

Daniel Lanois is one of the most influential record producers of the modern era: the man who brought Bob Dylan back; longtime collaborator with Brian Eno, soundsculpting a series of mammoth releases for U2; and producer of breakthrough late-career albums by Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris. But before all that, Daniel Lanois was an experimental musician, recording his unique guitar voicings for groundbreaking albums with guys like Brian Eno and Jon Hassell, along the way helping to invent a genre called ambient music. What is often lost in the wild success of his production career is Lanois’ musical life at the edge, which is where Flesh and Machine, his new album on ANTI-, comes full circle. A wildly ambitious, diverse exploration of modern sonics, Flesh and Machine careens from the huge guitar skronk of “The End” to the haunted landscapes of “Iceland.” But perhaps for the first time, Lanois’ new album highlights the strange parallel evolution that has taken place in Daniel’s music; alongside the developments in IDM that launched from the same 70s avante-intrumental roots as Eno and company, Lanois’ music has developed a rhythmic complexity heard in the most adventurous music by Autechre or Matmos. Only for Lanois, nothing is digital. Dense, visceral music that combines the primitive stomach-pounding volume of rock with the heartbreaking found sonics of early electronic music, Flesh and Machine reminds us that we are bodies in a mechanized world, and that in the midst of our digital noise we must not forget to breathe.

Click here to go to you tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P15tfi7wgg

or just watch it here: