Friday, November 25, 2011

The Cure: Reflections @ Pantages November 23, 2011

The Cure played their first three albums at the Pantages, in one of six US shows (three at The Pantages and three at The Beacon). I was there and captured it for you, something you come to expect from Rare, Unreleased, and Hard To Find. Spread the word. Three Imaginary Boys 10:15 Saturday Night Accuracy Grinding Halt Another Day Object Subway Song Foxy Lady Meathook So What Fire In Cairo It's Not You Three Imaginary Boys The Weedy Burton Seventeen Seconds A Reflection Play For Today Secrets In Your House Three The Final Sound A Forest M At Night Seventeen Seconds Faith The Holy Hour Primary Other Voices All Cats Are Grey The Funeral Party Doubt The Drowning Man Faith Encore: World War I'm Cold Plastic Passion Boys Don't Cry Killing An Arab Jumping Someone Else's Train Another Journey By Train Encore 2: Descent Splintered In Her Head Charlotte Sometimes The Hanging Garden Encore 3: Let's Go To Bed The Walk The Lovecats