Sunday, July 18, 2021

KUCI alumni Hall of Fame show 2008

I had so much fun the first time I went back for more in 2008.

KUCI Hall Of Fame show 2006

From the time in 2006 when I went back to the airwaves on KUCI to do their Hall of Fame alumni radio program

Terry and John discuss Unbroken Circle on KUCI: Justice or Just Us

This was in 2006 when producer Terry Michaels and director John Luwig discussed their award winning film "The Unbroken Circle" on KUCI show Justice of Just Us

Find it here: The Unbroken Circle

KUCI show: Treading the Undercurrent on Censorship

This was a guest interview spot I did with Heather Hare, host of KUCI show Treading the Undercurrent. It was done November 2, 2007. It kind of makes the hair stand on the back of my neck listening to it, but it does have some good information. I guess I would've loved to go through and censor myself, but you're getting the full thing, warts and all. While I had various notes in front of me, it was all pretty much off the top my head.

Steve Jones and Mr. Shovel world premiere new Prince songs on Jonesy's Jukebox 2008

I found this gem from 2008 hiding on a hard drive from when Mr. Shovel was invited to Prince's house to preview new rockin' tracks and then world premiere them on Indie on Jonesy's Jukebox: