Sunday, February 12, 2012

60 Minutes with Jonesy: Billy Corgan

One of Jonesy's favorite interviewees was Billy Corgan. this is the rebroadcast which seems to have ended abruptly (and they went on for longer than 60 minutes) however I have most of the interview.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ramones Museum in Berlin

Can't make the trip to Berlin? Well...I've made it easier for you thanks to the footage my mom took of it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sheila E. & The E. Family @ Harvelle's in Long Beach 2/4/12

Whoa...what a great show. The entire E. Family of percussionists was in fine form. And for your enjoyment, I give you some video footage and the entire show in audio.


And the audio is here:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Camp Freddy live at the Roxy - 12/23/11

Picture thanks to Alan Hess at Alan Hess Photography.

This is the final night of the the Camp Freddy residency at the Roxy, December 2011.
Please excuse the skips, for some reason my capture device inserted a bunch of silent gaps so I had to go in and edit them. Otherwise, as any great bootleg this is imperfect, but at least it is (let's hear yours).

20th Century Boy
Rock and Roll Star (Dominic Monaghan)
Immigrant Song (Frankie Perez / Jason Bonham)
Hard to Handle (Frankie Perez)
Cat Scratch Fever (Mark McGrath)
Sedated / Blitzkreig (Mark McGrath)
Anarchy in the UK (Billy Morrison on Vocals / Scott Ian)
Stay With Me (Glen Hughes / Steve Stevens)
Highway Star (Glen Hughes / Steve Stevens)
Wanted Dead or Alive (Corey Taylor)
Dirty Deeds (Corey Taylor / Scott Ian)
Sex Type Thing (Corey Taylor)
Blues (Billy Gibbons)
La Grange (Billy Gibbons)
God Save the Queen (Lemmy)
Shakin All Over (Lemmy)
Ace of Spades (Lemmy)