Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rodney On The ROQ, vol 2

Due to popular demand, here is volume 2 of Rodney On The ROQ, plus, thanks to DJ Roky Mason, the Flipside magazine supplement:

Target 13 Rodney On The ROQ

Social Distortion 1945

Shattered Faith Right Is Right

Black Flag Rise Above

Minutemen Search

Red Cross Burnout

Channel 3 You Lie

Agent Orange Mr. Moto

Red Rockers Dead Heroes

Unit 3 With Venus B.O.Y.S.

Stepmother Where Is The Dream

Gleaming Spires Are You Ready For The Sex Girls

Little Girls The Earthquake Song

Levi & The Rockats Room To Rock

Twisted Roots Snaked

Geza X We Need More Power

Flipside Rodney On The ROQ vol2

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rodney On The ROQ, vol 1

This is the first, infamous, Rodney On The ROQ compilation..the one that introduced Rodney, and punk rock, to millions.

Some of these bands went on to Punk Rock legend...others Punk Rock obscurity. Whatever happened, they took part in punk Rock hisory.

A petition needs to be started to get Rodney in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. He may not have the same broad appeal as, say, Murray The K, but his importance to modern music is legendary.


Introduction - Brooke Shields
Bloodstains - Agent Orange

Amoeba - Adolescents

Wild in the Streets - Circle Jerks

Tragedies - UXA

Pushin' Too Hard - Klan

No Values - Black Flag

The Outback - Rik L Rik

Right Time - Crowd

I Don't Want to Hold You - David Microwave

Wild - The Nuns

Furry Friend - Fender Buddies

Laurie's Lament - Vidiots

TV Love - Simpletones

Surprise - New York

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dump live at Maxwells

I can tell you who this artist is, Dump. I can tell you where he's playing, Maxwells. I can tell you what band he is from, Yo La Tengo. I can tell you the name of the album that these songs come from is "That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice?" it's up to you to figure out who he's covering. People have gotten cease-and-desist letters for posting less (an infant dancing to a song in the background).


Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul tribute on Jonesy's Jukebox w/ Slash

Sadly, the rock world lost one of its legends yesterday. Les Paul died. Jonesy had him scheduled as a guest in 2006, but his health was bad then and was unable to make it. That evening, all the guitar legends were going to be playing a tribute concert to him. Slash was Jonesy's guest and they did a great interview with some songs. For your enjoyment, I'm posting that here. I edited out the commercials, but unfortunately my file got corrupted at the end and I lost the interview they did with Les over the phone.

Friday, August 7, 2009

More Cool Aide, please (ECA pt. 2)

Due to popular demand, more Electric Cool-Aide has been added to the RUHtf. This incarnation is 1986 to 1989.

The line-up was:
Nate Shaw -Guitar & Vocals
Nick Sjobek - Bass
Jamie Rieling - Drums
Darren McNamee - Vocals
Geoff Harrington -Keyboards

I'll split this incarnation up in to a couple posts

A Dying Art

Lone Ryder

Mi Hermano

Planet Nine

The Girl

Blood Sucking Freaks

Blue Roses

Electric Pools

Heavy C.C. Vibes

Jonny 2 Bags

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Electric Cool-Aide, part 1

Probably every locale in the United States has one. That is, a local band that is immensely popular with the "hip" kids... a band everyone pins their hopes on and believes that it will put their area "on the map". In the later part of the 80s, orange county had Electric Cool-Aid (also known as ECA), which were one of a few bands poised for the "big time". The ubiquitous bumper sticker could be seen on cars all throughout the county, and was a badge of "coolness". I was DJng at KUCI around the time of their existence, but I came into the ECA party a bit late to know their history. nonetheless, I always felt they had "what it takes" and have always been on the lookout for information about them. Now, thanks to the Internet, and more specifically Facebook, I stumbled upon their page, where Nick Sjobek is offering CDs for voluntary donation.

Hit up their Facebook page here.

This is the first collection. I'll spread these out over multiple posts

Electric Cool-Aide 1989

This was Tony Scalzo Vocals & Guitar
Nate Shaw Guitar vocals
Nick Sjobek Bass
Jamie Reidling Drums

Electric Pools

Big League Game

Turn Left Or Get Shot

American Ruse

Quick Flash


The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise