Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

In Case You Couldn't Make It: Feast of Friends 2010 concert

At Father's No. 1 in Tustin after the wonderful festivities at Mason Park, a capacity crowd watched fellow Woodbridge alums entertain us with a top-notch rock show.
Richie Brooks, John Dumont, Tom Dumont, Tom Carr, Chip Frye, Brian Paulson, Chris Baum, SK Williams, and Tom Van Voorhis.

Go here for Greg Jordan's excellent photographs of the weekend.

Monday, June 28, 2010

KSCA Live From The Music Hall v. 3

Alright... you've been waiting for this and now the final CD of the series.
Actually, there is a legendary "Volume 4" that was never released but was broadcast. I will get that up sometime.

Roomful of Blues - Turn it On! Turn it Up!

Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars

Lyle Lovett - Private Conversation

Sting - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying

Common Sense - Never Give Up

The Wallflowers - 6th avenue Heartache

Suzanne Vega - Luka

Elvis Costello - All This Useless Beauty

BoDeans - Idaho

Southern Culture on the Skids - Camel Walk

Peter Wolf - Give It to Me

Howard Jones - No One is to Blame

Jackopierce - Trials

John Wesley Harding - When the Beatles Hit America

Patti Rothberg - Inside

Cracker - How Can I Live Without You

Cowboy Junkies - Angel Mine

If you missed volume 1 and 2, hear them here:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Sunday, June 27, 2010

KUCI radio show featuring Jane's Addiction's Nothing's Shocking

This was quite a cool show I did. August 29, 1988, I was doing the radio show solo, as my partner, Marian, couldn't make it. She was the Hessian and I was Mooshi Oofnick, my bastardization of the pronouncing of Oscar The Grouch's name in Hebrew, which I had read in one of the trade publications advertising a "Sesame Street In Israel" syndicated radio show. It was summertime and people at the radio station were scarce. I didn't mind doing the show alone because I had plans. Just the previous week at Jane's Addiction has released their major-label debut Nothing's Shocking. I had wanted to make a cassette copy of the album for my car, so what better idea than to play the whole album on my show while recording it. I had grown up on Uncle Joe Benson's Seventh Day, a show where he played seven complete albums on Sunday nights. I figured this was an important enough album to play the entire thing. My views on this album were quite prophetic, as in less than two years Lollapalooza became all the rage with its accompanying “alternative nation” (to use a hackneyed corporate expression in lieu of a better one). Yes, “alternative” music existed before this, but I feel this was the straw that broke the camel's back or the shot heard around the world as far as modernizing music.

So now, for your listening pleasure, here is the Chant Show of the Ever Circling Vinyl edition of Jane's Addiction's “Nothing's Shocking”. This was done on one 90 minute tape, so it's probably just a portion of the show, but I have left everything in... warts and all.

Twilight Zone moment: two days later I would be in the automobile accident that changed my life forever and this album was playing… the song that was on at the time was “Standing In the Shower… Thinking”. I talk about both the Meat Puppets show I was at and the Swamp Zombies interview I was to do on Sept. 1.

For some interesting reading, check this out:'s_Shocking

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Larry/KUCI mix

This is pretty cool. Years ago before the advent of CDs, there was a thing called cassette tapes. Frequent visitors may remember that I was a DJ at KUCI. Being a college radio station, I had access to a lot of stuff that wasn't in rotation elsewhere. I played a lot of the stuff on my shows… some of it becoming hugely popular in the following years. Back around 1990, or so, I didn't have any of this stuff on CD, so I took my dual cassette recorder and created a mix tape of some of the highlights and some of my favorite songs that I otherwise did not have access to. As I am currently going through my old tapes and digitizing, I digitized this one and it turned out pretty good. So, I thought it would share it. If you regularly come to this blog, you are guaranteed to enjoy this mix. If you are a “Larry fan”, you will love this mix. If you're a music snob… go elsewhere. Here's the track listing.

Peter Murphy - I've Got A Miniature Secret Camera
Spacemen 3 - Ode To Street Hassle
Replacements - I Will Dare
U2 - Walk To The Water
Pajama Slave Dancers - Jesus Skates
KUCI Inquisition
U2- Luminous Times
Silver & Gold
Saints - (I'm) Stranded
Leaving Trains - Temporal Slut
Balaam & The Angel - Running Out Of Time
Green River - Porkfist
Beatnigs - Burritos
Malcom X
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Catwalk
Redd Kross - Annette's Got The Hits
Velvet Underground - The Gift
Gang Of Four - (Love Like) Anthrax
Circle Jerks - Wild In the Streets
Glorious - Breeders
Doe - Breeders
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Iggy Pop - 5' 1"
Dead Milkmen - Ask Me To Dance
Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
Gaye Bykers on Acid - Git Down
Anthrax - I'm the Man
Negativland - Michael Jackson

This is cool..and is included above, but I isolated it. Steve Rice, Kelley Sewell, and I made an ID (a spot "advertising" the ststion) and based it on monty Python's "Spanish Inquisition". this is the edited version, but there is a longer one somewhere..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MusicLab 5-14-10: MusicLab goes LoveLab

Lisa Coleman's MusicLab on Luxuria Radio transcended traditional programming last Friday with a mix of music, poetry, and spoken word. The Chat room was a flurry with a lot of love and good vibes going around.

Right Click here to take it to go.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Henry Rollins dissects The Damned's "Black Album"

In hipster circles, it is just accepted fact that one of the classic albums of punk history is The Black Album by the Damned. Elder Statesman Henry Rollins, on his KCRW show, presented the album in its entirety with b-sides and information.

I give you this show, in its entirety:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cult Music Without Fear fan documentary

Here is a series of edited clips which combine to be the whole documentary included on the Music Without Fear DVD. I can be seen interspersed throughout the documentary. When I got there, I was about halfway through the line. I didn't have any laminate because I had purchased mine in Orange County. This was at the Sunset Strip Tower Records. An employee initially confronted me for not having a laminate, but then not only got one for me but brought me to the front of the line. I was first in to see them. I had my service dog, Hawk, with me. When they brought me in, all of the band got off the platform, except Ian. He was apparently "too cool" to come down and see me. The other guys were really cool. Matt, the drummer, was really into Hawk. He had a dog at home who could not go on tour with them. Unfortunately, Hawk did not visibly get in the shot, however you can see Matt petting him.
There was a "secret show" at the Whiskey that night. You needed to get the special laminate though. I asked the band where I could get one, and they directed me to an assistant who got one for me. The show was really cool... but they went on way late. I had my friend watching Hawk while I went to the show, and so I had to get going. I saw about three songs. Then, I proceeded to get lost finding my friend (he was only a couple blocks away).
All in all, a great experience.
I am seen in Part 1 at 3:15, 3:57, and 5:48
and Part 2 at 2:18

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Malcolm McLaren (RIA) on Jonesy's Jukebox

Alright... I've been holding on to all my Jonesy's Jukeboxes and will set them free at appropriate times. This is an appropriate time for this one as Malcolm McLaren died last week. He had a rather contentious relationship with the band, as most managers do. Apparently a lot of money didn't go to the band but went to him. Of course, none of the band members would have a career without him. Also, a lot of people would not have a career without him (are you listening Green Day, Offspring, NOFX, etc., etc.?) Anyhow, in tribute to Malcolm, I present to you his very enlightening and entertaining interview with Jonesy. Also, I found a mashup credited to him which blends "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

The interview is not in full because they went over due to him coming in late. This was such an important interviewee, they let it run over. Well, I only had my computer set to record the regular time.

RIA, McLaren (Rest In Anarchy).


Love Will Keep Us Together/Tear Us Apart

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ian Astbury XFM interview

Reacquainting with an old Cult friend inspired me to put this one up. This is an interview Ian Astbury recorded for XFM, around the release of "Born Into This".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Church - Acoustic live @ Coach House April 3, 2010

The Church played an amazing show last Friday, going backwards through their catalog. Yes they are well-known for their hit "Under the Milky Way", but any Church fan knows that they are so much more than that. Anyhow, I couldn't keep this great show to myself, so I recorded it and have it here for you to listen to.

ODEO is down, so for the time being, I have come up with this streaming solution. If there are ANY problems, E-MAIL me. I won't be able to contact you if you eave a comment here!

If you're new here or if you are a regular customer, I just ask one thing of you. Please drop me a line and let me know what you thought of this and where you came from (where you heard about it) and where you're from. Send me e-mail.

Look out for their cover of Smashing Pumpkins "Disarm":

And just because I don't do things half-assed, I've even gone so far as to include the tour program.
The Church Acoustic Tour 2010 Program - An Intimate Space
If the program is too small, click on the magnifying glasses or click on the link to take you to my Scribd site.
Or better yet, click "Fullscreen".

This is the complete package. All you're missing is the overpriced beer and the people sitting behind you talking about work or relationships at a volume louder than the music.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now Playing - Decline Of The Western Civilization

Long out of print, not available on DVD, hard to find on video (unless it's a bootleg), legendary, educational, and all-around one of the greatest documentaries of all time documenting the birth of a movement, I now present for you The Decline Of the Western Civilization.

This is extremely rare and I haven't been able to find it in full on the web. It is in bits and pieces on YouTube but for now the only place you'll see it is here.

Click here to view in a new window: Decline Of The Western Civilization

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Henry Rollins & Tom Troccoli: 2 more from the archives

I've been kind of lax in getting stuff up here, so for the sake of expediency I'll just put up two more rare tracks from Tom Troccoli and Henry Rollins. I looked at my visiting statistics and the last track I put up was very popular.

Please write and say hello and let me know where you're coming from and what you like.


Have You Ever

Saturday, February 13, 2010

KSCA Live From The Music Hall v. 2

Here is the second disc in the series.

Joan Osbourne - St. Teresa

John Mayall - Ain't No Brakeman

Michelle Shocked - Come A Long Way

Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns and Money

Grant Lee Buffalo - Honey Don't Think

dog's eye view - Everything Falls Apart

Lisa Loeb - Stay

John Hiatt - Cry Love

Bruce Hornsby - The Valley Road

Jill Sobule - I Kissed A Girl

Matthew Sweet - We're The Same

Indigo Girls - Reunion

Boxing Gandhis - If You Love Me (Why Am I Dyin')

The Badlees - Fear Of Falling

Joan Armatrading - Shapes And Sizes

Dillon O' Brian - My Father's Son

Wild Colonials - Spark

Timbuk 3 - The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Friday, February 12, 2010

KSCA Live From The Music Hall v. 1

About 13 years ago, we lost a great one. KSCA 101.9 went off the air. Over the next few posts, I will be streaming the "Live from the Music Hall" CDs. These are extremely rare. I have not seen anywhere else where you can hear these, but these are little slices of history that need to be shared.

1. (Bruce Cockburn) - Wondering Where the Lions Are

2. (Barenaked Ladies) - Alternative Girlfriend (version one)

3. (Joan Osborne) - One of Us

4. (Dave Alvin) - King of California

5. (Better Than Ezra) - Good

6. (Shawn Colvin) - I Don't Know Why

7. (Little Feat) - Blue Jean Blues

8. (The Innocence Mission) - Bright as Yellow

9. (Boz Scaggs) - Lowdown

10. (dada) - Diz Knee Land

11. (Paula Cole) - (I Am So) Ordinary

12. (Jefferey Gaines) - In Your Eyes

13. (Tori Amos) - Icicle

14. (Lowen & Navarro) - Rapt in You

15. (Sam Phillips) - Baby I Can't Please You

16. (Willy Porter) - Angry Words

17. (Dar Williams) - When I Was a Boy

18. (Ted Hawkins) - Green-Eyed Girl

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Henry Rollins & Tom Troccoli: Unwanted Child Blues

As I am apt to do, and as you have come to expect, once again I am in possession of a rare gem you're just not going to find anywhere else. This one, in particular, was never released on any vinyl, cassette, 8-track... nothing. It is just some noodling in the studio between Henry Rollins and Tom Troccoli. And as has happened in the past, one person will hear it, and will share it with two people, and they'll tell two people, and someone will put up a link, and then everyone will get to hear this really cool track:

Unwanted Child Blues

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wilco live Australia, 2007

This was a webcast of Wilco's show somewhere in Australia, 2007. I can't find the setlist.

Friday, January 15, 2010

the sounds of NAMM

What? Couldn't get in to NAMM this year. Never fear. I bring you the sounds of NAMM:

Something I describe as: Ever been to Guitar Center? In one corner you've got "Freebird", in the other "Stairway To Heaven" and then in the middle is some guy screwing up the third note to "Smoke On The Water"...over, and over, and over again. Take a hundred Guitar Centers and put them in a huge multilevel building. Throw in a bunch of McDonald Playplaces, A couple bowling alleys. Remember in high school when they had band practice and the percussion would pound the drums ad infinitum?? Sprinkle about 50 high school band practices. And then the neighbor kid you have that's learning to play trumpet....yeah, about 80 kids. And maybe you have a daughter that is learning violin (like we did) and the next sound you hear after the thing that sounds like a cat orgy is the $500 violin crashing on a bedpost. Throw about 20 of those in. A couple bowling alleys. Put it all on an airplane runway. THAT is the NAMM experience.

Although, it is purely indescribable. Sit back and enjoy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Who...uh..Sell Out

Music fans are well aware of the JBL and Schlitz sponsored tours, not to mention musical instrument endorsements and other such sponsorships, and the parodying of crass commercialism with their third album "The Who Sell Out", but how about these little heard radio commercials? One is Keith Moon whoring for the great taste of Great Shakes, and the United States Air Force nabbed Pete Townsend for a spot (Britannia may rule the waves, but I guess the USA rules the air).

Great Shakes