Friday, May 23, 2008

Mission Statement of RUHtf

This is a LONG time coming, and due to popular demand...Being a music fan for life, and a lover of all genres (as long as its good), I have a tendency to pile up a lot of songs, whether they be CD, tape, vinyl, mp3, or a vhs I recorded long ago (and have since digitized). I love turning people on to stuff they HAVE to hear or see....stuff they're going to have a hard time finding anywhere else (because it was never released, was deleted from the catalog, or, in some cases, was never officially recorded). Rather than making disc after disc for my friends (not that I mind), I just decided to start a blog and start putting things up and send links to people (and hopefully those friends will tell two friends, and those friends will tell two get the drift). Who knows? Mabye Spin will one day feature me in their must-view websites. It's going to take a while for me to build up this site. If you have anything to share, please e-mail me and i'll see about getting it up.

This should be fun. Hopefully you'll be enlightened and become a fan of some new music you never knew about. I'm not saying this stuff is not available anywhere...due to whatever circumstances, it's hard to find. Please visit regularly and comment nicely. If you don't have something nice to say...this probably isn't the place to say it (mabye Rush Limbaugh's blog is a more appropriate place?) This blog is about music...good music. Music you probably never knew existed. Music you probably would have never heard were it not for RUHtf. Music that my encourage you to go buy it, petition the artist/label to put it out, pay exhorbitant amounts on ebay so you can own it, encourage you to learn more about the artist and what they're doing today.

My final have you enjoy this as much as I do researching and putting it together. more thing...check out my other groovy-filled site at There, you'll see pix of me and family and friends (famous and not) and other cool stuff. Dig through cause there's some more RUHtf stuff that may eventually work its way over here.

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