Thursday, September 11, 2008

RUHtf gem: No Wave, side 1

Alright...let's harken back to a day...skinny ties, pogoing, safety pins through cheeks, spiky hair, and crop tops. These were the New Wavers...a less aggressive, more mainstream version of the rebelliousness of punk rock. All was a response to the staleness that the music industry had become. Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Doobie Bothers, Eagles....Music had become stale and needed some excitement again. Punk...and later New Wave, were the shot in the arm it needed.

Of course, anywhere there's a movement, there's money to be made. New Wave was this movement. Because New Wave was a fashion focussed movement, the fashion industry started cashing in with flourescent colors, polka dots, zig zags, and funky typestyle.

The music industry too, started changing. This was a time when Joe Jackson, Squeeze, and The Police were considered "edgy"...not fodder for Star 98.7 or elevators like today.

What follows is Side 1 of "No Wave"..a collection of new wave songs.

Side 1:
1. UK Squeeze - Take Me I'm Yours
2. The Police - Roxanne
3. Joe Jackson - Got The Time
4. Klark Kent - Don't Care
5. The Secret - I'm Alive
6. The Stranglers - Bring On The Nubiles

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