Wednesday, December 24, 2008

RUHtf: KROQ Acoustic Xmas, night 1, part 1, 1995

Alright...over the next few days will be some treats (as if all my other stuff isn't a treat). I went digging in my closet and found a treasure trove of cassette tapes with RARE stuff.

Believe it or not, there was a time when KROQ was relevant. This was probably the tail end of that time period. The Acoustic xmas is always a mixed bag. A few artists that were massaged to the mainstream by other stations (like KSCA and college radio..and now Indie). One or two novelty acts that made a splash that year and will be conveniently forgotten about Jan. 2. A "legacy" act or two. A couple wild cards. And then filled with one-hit wonder KROQ bands whose career will dissipate quicker than you can say "Collective Soul". This year was no different...though it was spread over 2 nights with repeats. Notable is the presence of Radiohead and Sonic Youth.

I've gone through these performances so you don't have to. I've cherry-picked the best (and better) performances, and skipped over the sludge, like Wesley Wilis.

I'll spread these over a few days. This is 1995.

No Doubt


Radiohead (! third on the schedule!)

Joan Osbourne

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