Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wellermania - The Truth: Playground

Not Paul Weller, but an incredible simulation!
This was a nice little treasure from the mid 80's. We were at Tower Records in El Toro for the Three O' Clock record signing. The girls I was with wanted to go stalk the band after the signing, so I followed along. This involved chasing them to their car, a la "Hard Day's Night". I peered in their car and saw this album from label mates The Truth. Curious, the next time I saw it at Discount Records in Costa Mesa. I grabbed it and was very pleased to find a very heavy Jam/Style Council influence, and the singer sounded a lot like Paul Weller. They found marginal success and ended up on a lot of second-rate B-movie/Straight to video soundtracks. Their second album had a more AOR sound and actually had a minor hit that charted, "Weapons Of Love". I remember hearing the song in Johnny Depp's first star turn TV show, "21 Jump Street" (yes..I enjoyed that show). Special thanks to this amazing blog!

Spread A Little Sunshine

Exception Of Love

So Many Things

Always On My Mind

Is There A Solution

Thursday Club

You Play With My Emotions

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