Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wilco live - 2nd set, night 5, 2/20/08 Riviera Theater

Sadly, this is all I have of Wilco's five night run at the Riviera theater in Chicago. As you may know, they played their entire catalog over the five nights. I only managed to capture the second set of night five.

Actually, I got some of the last song of the first set, "Hummingbird", as well as the 30 minute intermission, and then all of the second set.

These are the songs:

Via Chicago, Blood of the Lamb, Can’t Stand It, Box full of Letters, Heavy Metal Drummer, Hate It Here, The Thanks I Get, Just a Kid, Red-Eyed and Blue, I Got You (at the end of the century), Casino Queen, I’m a Wheel, Less Than You Think


I’m the Man Who Loves You, Dreamer in My Dreams

This sounds as if it's straight off the soundboard.

Complain all you want that it is only part of the show, but I dare you to find this anywhere on the web in any form.

Here's a good write-up: Glide Magazine Wilco review


Glenn said...

I have 2 cd's wilco live at the riviera..I paid dearly for them along time ago..There are quite a few songs on both of them..1 cd Has 18 tracks alone..Don't know what the other one has at the moment..but will post all the songs if anyone is interested.

lsinger9404 said...

Glenn..which nights do you have I have 1 & 4. I was eventually going to post them. e-me privately

Glenn said...

how do i email you? im new at this and I Don't know what night they were from..I bought these off ebay along time ago..

lsinger9404 said...

Glenn -- if you look at the top of the page, you will see a message that has the word "e-mail" which is clickable. That will e-mail me.

Glenn said...

they are from may 23 1997..I was playing them and noticed they need some repair..The songs are on disk 1 Misunderstood,Far far away,Forget the flowers,That's not the issue,Someday soon,New Madrid,Red eyed and blue,I got you,Someone else's song,Shouldn't be ashamed,Why would you want to live,Must be high,Passenger side,What the world got in store,and passenger side (again),Hotel Arizona ,Monday,Disk 2,Kingpin,Outtasite(Outtamind),The lonely 1,Downgun,Who were you thinking of?Box full of letters,Ziggy stardust,Immigrant song,WXRT FM MAY 29 1995,Pick up the change,Then Box full of letters again, Casino Queen,Gun..
Both cds in full.

Unknown said...

Hi you still around?

lsinger9404 said...

Glenn- click the link above and e- mail me privately.

Coyotedance - huh?