Friday, January 15, 2010

the sounds of NAMM

What? Couldn't get in to NAMM this year. Never fear. I bring you the sounds of NAMM:

Something I describe as: Ever been to Guitar Center? In one corner you've got "Freebird", in the other "Stairway To Heaven" and then in the middle is some guy screwing up the third note to "Smoke On The Water"...over, and over, and over again. Take a hundred Guitar Centers and put them in a huge multilevel building. Throw in a bunch of McDonald Playplaces, A couple bowling alleys. Remember in high school when they had band practice and the percussion would pound the drums ad infinitum?? Sprinkle about 50 high school band practices. And then the neighbor kid you have that's learning to play trumpet....yeah, about 80 kids. And maybe you have a daughter that is learning violin (like we did) and the next sound you hear after the thing that sounds like a cat orgy is the $500 violin crashing on a bedpost. Throw about 20 of those in. A couple bowling alleys. Put it all on an airplane runway. THAT is the NAMM experience.

Although, it is purely indescribable. Sit back and enjoy.

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