Friday, May 23, 2008

RUHtf Gem Of the Week #1: Pop-O-Pies: The White EP

Wow...first post already!
Ahhh...the Pop-O-Pies White EP. One of my recent vinyl bin scores. I paid like $2.99 at Fingerprints (the LAST of the independent record stores...hell, the last of the record stores in general), knowing full well that this has an ebay value of no less than $25.
According to P.O.P legend, their first two years performing as a band consisted of one song...their punk cover of "Truckin'".
The band line up changed a lot, and head Pie, Joe Pop-O-Pie felt that since the PAs sucked in the clubs, no one would notice. Plus, the band had frequent line-up changes, so this made teaching the repertoire easier.
As with any well executed novelty, though there were many detractors, the band also garnered a following. So much so, that when they got more professional and tried adding songs to their set, the faithful (who came to hear "Truckin'", ad nauseum) got restless.

This is their first, infamous EP. They also have two full albums out, and, for the digital age, an Anthology available at CD Baby.

There is a Pop-O-Pie/Faith No More connection. Some of the band members from P.O.P joined FNM. As well, Joe was FNMs first singer...before the mohawked guy and Mike Patton. Another early FNM singer was, surprisingly, Courtney Love.

Well, enjoy Pop-O-Pies' ultra rare White EP. Keep checking in to RUHtf for another Gem Of The Week.


The Catholics Are Attacking

Timothy Leary Lives

Truckin' Rap

Fascists Eat Donuts


Mr. Hurt said...

thanks for posting the catholics are attacking, I've been searching for that song for years. nice work.

The Modesto Kid said...

Such a great band. Thanks for posting this -- there is a deplorable lack of Pop-o-Pies online.

Unknown said...

I'm with Marcus and the Modest Kid. Great to finally hear this stuff again! Reminds me of bumming around Buena Park and Anaheim in the early '80's annoying tourists with my friend Rob Saul at Knott's Berry Farm cranking this record on his boom box and saying that their cookies and fudge were made of vomit. ;)

Anonymous said...

No "Anna Ripped Me Off?" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Never mind. I just noticed it was tacked on to the beginning of "Timothy Leary Lives". Thanks for posting these!