Sunday, July 20, 2008

RUHtf gem: Swamp Zombies - Chicken Vulture Crow

Never released on CD, I give you the Swamp Zombies classic, Chicken Vulture Crow. Out of nowhere came these Orange County....punks(?) Playing acoustic instruments (acoustic guitars, stand-up bass, single drum) and singing about peace and love in two and three part harmonies, wearing beatnik clothes, and driving around in a truck that advertised a giant alligator inside...these "punks" transcended labels. They were a "big" band in OC, attracting huge crowds at the Sawdust Festival and being able to headline The Coach House. "life" happened for the members, and they broke up. Josh had been doing in-house art for their record label (and the Swamp Zombies art) and stared painting and selling his stuff, soon morphing in to a highly sought after artist, Shag. The Tiki Tones evolved from the ashes of the Zombies, and carried on their tradition.

I'm sure i'm bastardizing their history. For a more complete histoy, you could probably check out wikipedia. There's also a documentary in production.

Hear my interviews with them here.
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And now....Chicken Vulture

Truly Needy:

Love Zombie:

Swamp Boy:

Open Up Your Eyes:

Pots And Pans

Coffeehouse Ray:

Purple Haze:

Zombie Jamboree:


A Simple Desultory:


Rudy The Magic Crow (+bonus ending)

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