Thursday, July 10, 2008

Style Council live in concert

This is cool. Wolfgang's Valut now lets you embed the concerts they are streaming. This makes my job easy (but its then less rare).'s my first: Stye Council. Paul Weller has god-like status in the UK. EVERYONE knows and loves him. He fills stadiums over there. Here...he can barely fill a small theater..and his albums register only a minor blip in the charts, let alone never played on the radio. Then again, one song gets played on "Easy Hits" stations - "My Ever Changing Moods"...his first hit with his second bad, The Style Council. His record company, realizing the American Public has short attention spans, released the UK album 'Cafe Bleu" as 'My Ever Changing Moods"

Here's a King Biscuit Flour radio broadcast:

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