Monday, September 8, 2008

Unearthed Rare gem: Jeff Buckley interviewed on KROQ

Alright....the fact that I even have this kind of outs me as listening to KROQ at one point in my life. Well..a friend of a friend called me up and told me to listen...yeah, that's it. So I captured this on tape, and have it now for the world to hear the genius that is (was) Jeff Buckley. I was kind of wanting to save this for an "anniversary" date, like his birthday or drowning...but instead decided just to put it out there (I have more stuff I can save for that).

This is a candid, incredible interview with acoustic performance..and listen for the trippy Doors "cover".


Oh..what she asks him when its starting is what kind of music they play. Some guy had called her up and asked for "That Jeff Buckley song"


Caitlin said...

Wow, any chance you could post this as an MP3? That would be AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

I second the MP3 would be a great service to Buckley fans if you could do that.

lsinger9404 said...

Jeffies....your pleadings have been answered...see Sept. 16 post.

Bucklberry said...

Just popping by to utter my gratitude once again sir, the recording has gone down very well. An Irishman under the name GIGFY said after reading the quoted message to me regarding source "Tell him his next nonfat decaf latte is on me". Also, there's a definite date for it, 2nd May 1995. Thanks ever so much!