Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CHANGE at last!

Finally....a new president, a new direction, a new promise.

How messed up do you think W. feels since this whole election has been run on the platform of "Change"...from both parties! celebrate, here's a couple songs from "Future Soundtrack Of America", a rallying CD put out during the LAST election, but the fact that it is called "Future Soundtrack" is rather prophetic, huh??'s OK Go with "This Will Be Our Year":

and David Byrne with "Ain't Got So Far To Go":

We've made it far..but there's still work to be done!


Kaye Telle said...

spazz (Yes) or are these not downloadable? Is that even a word? Thanks!

Raw Restoration said...

It is unwise to invest any hope or emotional energy in any politician groomed and selected by the system that has only ever gotten worse over the decades. Obama is going to be used as left-wing (progressie) cover for more destruction of sovereignty and the taking down of the economy.

He already named a dual-citizen Israeli ideologue as chief of staff, and he's close to naming Larry Summers, an architect of the economic disaster, as treasury secretary. How's that coffee smell?

Anyway, thanks for the Jeff.