Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RUHtf Gem: "Freakout U.S.A".....Rebellion, Man!

Alright...this is a wild one. This was put out by a K-Tel type company that takes the latest teen trend, gets together some musicians and writes some songs mimicing the trend to cash-in. This is pretty blatant with the farfisa organs, hammonds, and fuzz boxes. We'll call it "psychsploitation".

Throw in a couple covers, and you got yourself an album that stands up to the man....put out by the man!

Sorry for the buzzing...just pretend you took the bad acid.

Side 1
Freakout U.S.A. - The Aftermath (M. Curb)
Psychotic Reaction - The Hands of Time (Ellner, Chaney, Atkison, Byrne, Michalski)
Yellow Pill - Mom's Boys (Beckner, Hector, Martin, McClain, Wibier)
Poisons in My Body - International Theatre Foundation (M. Cohen)
I'm Losing It - The Glass Family (Parrett, Lamont)

Side 2
Up and Down - Mom's Boys (Beckner, Hector, Martin, McClain, Wibier)
Season of the Witch - The Mugwumps (Donovan)
Number 1 Lover - Everybody's Children (J. Capps, M. Jay)
Don't Try to Crawl Back - Jesters (Pittman, Fredrickson Jr.)
I Like the Way You Freakout - The Hands of Time (H. Hatcher)

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