Friday, January 16, 2009

Rest In(die) Peace

Well...Indie 103.1 is gone...but only in its former incarnation. This may seem a sad day, but let's face it...terrestrial radio is GONE. Do former multi-platinum artists like Prince, Radiohead, McCartney, or Neil Young care about radio anymore? No...because radio doesn't care about them. Trying a new style? Forget about being played on the radio. Want to experiment with your music? no..we'll just play your old hits.

Indie now has the potential to change the paying field. This will be an interesting transition.

Well...i've already discovered the "backdoor".
Indie is "portable". No need to go to their website, click the "Listen live", then choose your player.

You can simply bookmark this link.

Here's the proof of concept:
Click Here

Its only a matter of time before someone takes this info and creates an ipod/iphone app, a web clip, or whatever else windows users use.

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