Sunday, January 4, 2009

RUHtf: We still feel the same

Those of you who know me (and of those, those of you are keeping score), know that I met Terry, the love of my life, 12 years ago today. A group of us "Yellow-Roomers" (followers of KSCA and denizens of the radio station's message board) were gathering at Perq's to show our support for the soon to be defunct radio station, and see Walter Trout. Neither of us expected to meet the person we'd be spending the rest of our lives with. about 7:10 or 7:11 that evening, this picture was taken:

Later in the evening, this picture was taken:

Read about the full story here.

Obviously, music is/was a tremendous part of our lives. It's what brought us together.

Here's one of our favorite bands, Zoey's Trip, doing a rare version of "our" song, "I Still Feel The Same":

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