Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RuHtf: Louis & Clark - Hollywood Capacity: Maximum

This is a rarity. I found this at a Salvation Army Thrift Store of all places on cassette.

Louis Guiterrrez from, of course, The Three O'Clock wrote "Walkin' Down Your Street" with Susanna Hoffs. The Bangles had a bigger hit with it.

Here's some interesting info I found:

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The short-lived Los Angeles-based power pop group Louis & Clark was started by guitarist Louis Gutierrez after he left the Three O'Clock following 1986's Ever After. Hooking up with lead singer and guitarist Michael Gurley (who helpfully adopted the name Clark Gurley so the duo could name themselves after the explorers who mapped the Louisiana Purchase), the new partners quickly added bassist Joie James Calio, a friend of Gurley's from high school in Saratoga, CA, and drummer Phil Maturano. Posh Boy Records, which had missed out on signing Salvation Army (later Three O'Clock) back in 1982, signed Louis & Clark and released their EP Hollywood Capacity: Maximum (named for a sign on the local water reservoir) in late 1987. The record included the band's version of "Walking Down Your Street," a song Gutierrez had written with Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles that had appeared on their hit album Different Light.

Gutierrez's friendship with Hoffs further benefited Louis & Clark when they were chosen to appear in and write several songs for the soundtrack of The All Nighter, a film written and directed by Susanna's mom Tamar Hoffs and starring her comely daughter in her first acting role. The film, a major flop, did no one concerned any good, and Louis & Clark split up in 1988. Gutierrez joined the popular L.A. alternative rock band Mary's Danish, eventually marrying lead singer Gretchen Seager after that group split up in 1993; the couple became realtors in the Los Angeles area. Michael Gurley reverted to his real name and with Joie James Calio formed the alt-rock trio Dada, who had a major alternative radio hit in 1992 with their single "Dizz Knee Land." Phil Maturano became an in-demand jazz session drummer who has written a variety of instructional books on African and jazz drumming.

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