Friday, April 10, 2009

RUHtf: Tater Totz - Alien Sleestacks From Brazil

This has been requested and sorry it's taken so long to get around to, but I finally got a copy of Tater Totz first album. This was a motley crew of LA scensters featuring Pat Fear, Pat Ruthensmear, Jeff & Steve McDonald, Michael Quercio (Prince was thanked on the album cause, at the time, Three O'Clock were a Paisley Park band), and Danny Bonaduce with an album of covers as wild as...the cover. It seems "novelty"-ish at first...but they got as far as playing Beatlefest in 1988 (well...they reportedly were booed off the stage). I looked for a video but all have been taken down due to "Copyright violations".

The first song is a classic...a medly of "Give Peace A Chance" and "We Will Rock You"...and it works! This pre-empted the whole mash-up craze.'s the full album to listen to.

Side 1:

Give Peace a Chance / We Will Rock You

Let's Get together

Tomorrow Never Knows

I've Just Seen a Face

Bat Macumba

Don't Count the Waves

Bharta's Boogie

Sing This All Together

Bat Macumba (Reprise)

Side 2

Five versions of Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Got Her Hand in the Snow)

Here's my radio interview with them. I sound like such a young, ignorant kid.

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