Friday, June 26, 2009

RUHtf tribute to Michael Jackson

We lost what could not be disputed as a popular entertainer. Here at RUHtF, we'll post our tribute as only we now how...with John Oswald's re-imagining of "Bad" as "Dab". Oswald trades in an art he calls Plunderphonic, the practice of taking pop song, mixing them up, cutting them up, slowing them up and speeding them down and Making them only slightly recognizable to their legitimate "parent(s)" song(s). he can take three recognizable drumbeats from a song and make a five-minute song of those. Just enough to know where it came from, but drastically different to enjoy it in a different light. In "Dab", he takes Michael Jackson's "Bad" and chops it up, spins it around, speeds and slows it, and reverses it... walking on a very fine copyright tight rope. It's a really great album and good luck finding it on CD...however some of his stuff is downloadable here I edited the picture, because it contains a graphic some would consider "vulgar", and RUHtF is a "family" that you would send your mother to, if she was cool (i've sent my mother). This is not for the faint of if you need your music straight, put on Michael. If you like it, dig further on John Oswald. You'll like his re-imagining of "Hello, I Love You" as '"O'Hell", Zeppelin in the song "Power", James Brown with "Brown" and every recorded James Brown yelp in one 3 minute 57 song, Metallica mixed with Queen in "2net" get the idea...get thee to Plunderphonics to hear what I am talking about

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