Friday, August 28, 2009

Rodney On The ROQ, vol 1

This is the first, infamous, Rodney On The ROQ compilation..the one that introduced Rodney, and punk rock, to millions.

Some of these bands went on to Punk Rock legend...others Punk Rock obscurity. Whatever happened, they took part in punk Rock hisory.

A petition needs to be started to get Rodney in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. He may not have the same broad appeal as, say, Murray The K, but his importance to modern music is legendary.


Introduction - Brooke Shields
Bloodstains - Agent Orange

Amoeba - Adolescents

Wild in the Streets - Circle Jerks

Tragedies - UXA

Pushin' Too Hard - Klan

No Values - Black Flag

The Outback - Rik L Rik

Right Time - Crowd

I Don't Want to Hold You - David Microwave

Wild - The Nuns

Furry Friend - Fender Buddies

Laurie's Lament - Vidiots

TV Love - Simpletones

Surprise - New York

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nick said...

Best punk compilation ever! Thank you so much. My only copy was a cassette made in 1984, needless to say lacking in fidelity by now.