Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Electric Cool-Aide, part 1

Probably every locale in the United States has one. That is, a local band that is immensely popular with the "hip" kids... a band everyone pins their hopes on and believes that it will put their area "on the map". In the later part of the 80s, orange county had Electric Cool-Aid (also known as ECA), which were one of a few bands poised for the "big time". The ubiquitous bumper sticker could be seen on cars all throughout the county, and was a badge of "coolness". I was DJng at KUCI around the time of their existence, but I came into the ECA party a bit late to know their history. nonetheless, I always felt they had "what it takes" and have always been on the lookout for information about them. Now, thanks to the Internet, and more specifically Facebook, I stumbled upon their page, where Nick Sjobek is offering CDs for voluntary donation.

Hit up their Facebook page here.

This is the first collection. I'll spread these out over multiple posts

Electric Cool-Aide 1989

This was Tony Scalzo Vocals & Guitar
Nate Shaw Guitar vocals
Nick Sjobek Bass
Jamie Reidling Drums

Electric Pools

Big League Game

Turn Left Or Get Shot

American Ruse

Quick Flash


The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise

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