Saturday, February 6, 2010

Henry Rollins & Tom Troccoli: Unwanted Child Blues

As I am apt to do, and as you have come to expect, once again I am in possession of a rare gem you're just not going to find anywhere else. This one, in particular, was never released on any vinyl, cassette, 8-track... nothing. It is just some noodling in the studio between Henry Rollins and Tom Troccoli. And as has happened in the past, one person will hear it, and will share it with two people, and they'll tell two people, and someone will put up a link, and then everyone will get to hear this really cool track:

Unwanted Child Blues


The Horror! Addiction! said...

Is there anyway to download this man? It's quite cool to hear!

lsinger9404 said...

Horror! Addiction!: I sent a message on your blog. Couldn't find your private address. E-mail me with the link above.