Thursday, June 12, 2008

RUHtf: Cover Me - Swamp Zombies feature on RUHtf...i'm going to start putting up some of the abundance of covers I have. Yeah, I know...I already did the Swans and Taxman..but it did not have a name til now. Most people shun covers...Henry Rollins says why cover something when the original was already perfect...yet even he does a covers show on his program. Covers can show you a whole other side to the song you've known and loved. Some covers even eclipse the original so that the cover is seen as the original (Hound Dog, Respect, All Along the get the idea.)

Well, who better to feature on RUHtf than OC faves, The Swamp Zombies. The Swamp Zombies were a mostly acoustic (though they added occasional electric in later incarnations) quartet that were a large draw at local clubs. Guitarist/singer, Josh Agle went on to fame and fortune as Shag. Bassist Steeve plays on and off with The Tiki Tones. Travis had moved on to family life. Who knows what happened to Smiling Dave. He signed my guestbook one time, but I lost contact.

The Swamp Zombies take on familiar classics was always a highlight of any show. And the medlys were a particular treat.

Here's a couple so I can get this out and i'll add more later, so stay tuned:

Sex Pistols: Anarchy In the U.K.

Bauhaus: All We Ever Wanted Is Everything

Green Acres Theme Song

Rawhide Theme Song

The Ramones: Rockaway Beach

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