Saturday, June 7, 2008

RUHtf: Taxman by Junior Parker

I got my "Economic Stimulus Check" today. What a joke. $300 will do NOTHING to stimulate the economy. It's almost a bribe to get people to appreciate Bushie and his cronies who are off spending their 300 BILLION dollar War stimulus check in a foreign country.'s a cool little rare ditty...Junior Parker doing "Taxman" by the Beatles.

Oh..the Aimee Mann show last night was awesome. From start to finish great sons. Tremendous sound. You heard her sing every word. And the audience was a Largo crowd...there was complete silence during each song. She told a great story about how she got approached for a soundtrack..She thought "Oh..they're coming for me cause i'm the Magnolia girl"...but it was for Shrek 3.

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