Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unreleased (Until July 8) featuring REM/Steve Wynn, etc.

Here's a really cool RUHtf exclusive. Friday night i'm watching Letterman, as is my nightly bedtime ritual. Letterman announces "The Baseball Project" as the musical guests. Now, I know a lot about music, but I had never heard this Baseball Project. Luckily, rather than falling asleep, which I usually do before the musical guest is on, I was awake to hear him announce "The Baseball Project".  When the music started, I IMMEDIATELY dug it..and propped my eyelids open. It had a real jangly Byrdsesque/Pettyish/Beatlesesque/REMesque (which I guess, in a sense, is itself Byrdesque/Beatlesesque)/Rickenbackerish feeling. Then I noticed (and it all made sense), it was Scott McCaughey (auxillary REM member/Minus 5/Young Fresh Fellows...and I had met him at the Coach House)...then Peter Buck (whom I had seen paying the Coach House and then met at the Rickenbacker festival...then I noticed there was a female drummer, whom I recognize as Linda Pitmon from Marty Willson Pipers' Mood Maidens whom I had a great conversation with and introduced me to her boyfriend (and final Baseball Project member) Steve Wynn). So basically, I knew every single person the the Letteman band stage. I said, I really enjoyed the sound. I found the following album stream for you to enjoy. When you're done, order it 

Alright, i've figured this out. Click here to hear The Baseball Project. Close the window when you're done.

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